Every event is different and so it would be hard to determine one set price for each event. There are many different variables that come into consideration when planning any event in terms of what can be offered and how. We like to take the time to go over every detail of your particular event, and will then propose the best options and pricing for your event specific needs.

Most events, whether business, social or formal, fall into one of the following:

  • From A to Z
    You know what you want, but you need some guidance or maybe you just don’t have the time. Robin Laura Events. will be there as soon as you are ready to start planning.
  • Almost there
    You want to handle most of the details for your event on your own, perhaps coordinate vendors and venues, organize registrations or invitations – regardless of the amount of work you have set aside to coordinate on your own there will be a ton of follow up that needs to happen. Robin Laura Events. will take what you have worked on and will manage all of the hard work you have done so far to make sure your event runs smoothly, on time and no detail is forgotten.
  • On that Special Day
    You have done all of the work from start to finish on your event, but need assistance for the day of the actual event, whether that is acting as the lead coordinator for the day or assisting with all of the day-of and last minute details that happen.
Of course with each event, there are a different details needed to make it memorable – A Birthday Celebration where we are assisting from “A to Z” ” will have an entirely different list of details needed than those for a Fundraising event.